Skin Care

Flawlessly Yours Skin Care was designed to help your skin—regardless of your age or situation in life.  

It will:

Simplify your skin care with one product;
Normalize your skin, whether dry or oily, adolescent or aging;
Preserve your appearance, naturally and safely; and
Save you time–and money–on your skin care products.

Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or special skin conditions, Flawlessly Yours Skin Care Cleanser and Conditioner may just be your “one stop” skin care—for life!

First of all, Oily Skin Conditions are not just limited to adolescents.  Many people, myself most of all, may exhibit one or more of the typical adolescent conditions—even in post-adolescence (or even, BEFORE adolescence).  These conditions, like:  Acne, Blackheads, Blemishes, Bumpy Skin, Enlarged Pores, Oily Skin, Outbreaks, Pimples, Pores, Large, T-Zone Oiliness, Whiteheads, and “Zits,” unfortunately, can occur to anyone—at any age.

Secondly, Dry Skin Conditions, as with Oily Skin Conditions, are more prevalent with, but certainly not limited to those persons over eighteen.  Dry Skin can appear at any age—or, in any season–as all of us may be afflicted with Dry, Chapped Lips/Skin, Dry Flaky Skin, Dry Skin, Dry Skin Itch after skiing or other winter sports, or just when exposed to cold winter weather conditions.  Also, as our skin is a mosaic, some parts may be dry, regardless of the season, while other parts may be consistently oily.  Chapped Lips/Skin, not to mention, Dry Skin (in general), are some, if not all of the “garden variety” of these conditions.

And, lastly, even “Special Skin Conditions” like:  Aging Skin, Athlete’s Foot, Blisters, Bulbous Nose, Calluses, Cracked Skin, Crow’s Feet, Delicate Skin, Difficult Skin, Eczema, Facial Lines, Fungus/Fungi, Horny Tissue, Itching, Keratosis, Labial Lines, Lines, Facial, Loose Facial Skin, Moles, Nail Fungus, Poison Ivy, Psoriasis, Ringworm, Rosacea, Rough Skin, Sagging Facial Skin, Scaly Skin, Sensitive Skin, Stressed Skin, Tinea Versicolor, Toenail Fungus, Warts, Yeast Infection, Skin, can also occur to anyone at any time–either due to trauma, due to one’s DNA, due to conditions in the environment, or, simply due to one’s age.  In other words, we’re all bound to experience one or many of these conditions over a lifetime.  Our skin is our biggest organ.   So, when our skin is not at peace, we are not at peace.  And, whether or not these conditions are chronic or episodic, when they occur, they may not only be painful and irritating, but they may also be embarrassing.  This leaves scars on one’s psyche and confidence, let alone on one’s skin.

So, what can one do?

Simply this:  The “way back” for any skin condition starts with simple, good old-fashioned, basic hygiene.

That’s where Flawlessly Yours Skin Care Conditioner and Cleanser comes in:  It is the definitive, proprietary product for simply beautiful, clean, clear skin—and, it is amazingly gentle, too.

How would you like to be able to spend less than five minutes per day on your skin?
How would you like to spend only about $10-15 per month to look great?
How would you like to STOP or, at least, visibly STOP, the aging process, reducing pores, softening lines, smoothing and toning skin, in general?

Even if you’re a young person, in your teens, how would you like to be able to feel good about YOUR skin and appearance NOW.  Wouldn’t it be fun to wake up each day and see your skin getting clearer and more blemish free.  How would YOU like to look forward to meeting new people, or going to the school dance or function in style?  It may seem trite, but skin is really not just “skin deep.”  Your skin can dramatically alter the way you see yourself, and hence, the way you interact with others.  Feeling good about yourself can dramatically change the choices you make, and even the company you keep.  It may seem like a small, shallow thing, but your skin, and the way you see yourself in it, can change your life!

Flawlessly Yours has done just that for ME.  I discovered it in graduate school some years ago.  At that time, I was too “broke” to afford some of the more costly skin care products I had used in my teens, twenties and thirties.  And, with the stress, hectic schedule, poor dietary/sleep habits of graduate school, my skin was definitely raging out of control.  In short, I was afraid that in my anxiety, I would scar my face for life.

Finally, in desperation, I prayed to find “something” that would preserve my skin during those difficult and stressful times.  They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but not in my wildest dreams could I imagine all the many incredible implications of my simple discovery.  I soon found that my daily, Flawlessly Yours Skin Care Cleanser and Conditioner regimen would turn around my post-adolescent acne.

Before / After

Soon after embarking on my Flawlessly Yours routine (see Flawlessly Yours Skin Care Cleanser and Conditioner instructions sheet in FAQ’s and More section, above), I started hearing compliments about my skin—even WITHOUT wearing make-up.  And then later, I started hearing screams of disbelief when people discovered my real age.  As the biologist who recently tested my Flawlessly Yours for public distribution said, “Cheri, you have discovered the ‘fountain of youth!’”  And, incredibly, to this day, nearly twenty years later, it still seems to be true…and, without costly surgeries or harsh chemical peels…and, all for only pennies a day!   One friend put it best:

“I have known Cheri for over 20 years.  Back then she wore heavy makeup to cover the blemishes on her skin.  Now she wears very little makeup and has beautiful, youthful skin due to her soap….”

—Susie, 58, Wichita, KS

[See Susie’s many testimonials in Testimonials, Acne- “Zits,” as well as in Skin Testimonials.  She is now one of my most faithful users and best advocates.  Flawlessly Yours!  Cheri]

Finally, a friend of mine who knew of my “simple soap” and amazing results (who herself used to sell skin care products for a nationally-acclaimed cosmetics company) came to me this past spring and said, “Cheri, when ARE you going to do something with that soap of yours?”  Even the patent attorney I consulted in the ensuing days confirmed it.  His assessment was that mine was a classic case where simple is, in effect, profound.   I had uncovered quite by accident, due to my great need, a gentle, household vegetable soap.  This soap worked simply, faster, and better than all the complicated potions and elixirs I had once thought I needed.  And, it worked without the usual (and expensive!) “side effects.”  “The rest is,” as they say, “history.”  I have, over the years, experimented with my discovery.  I have tried a few new applications, procedures, techniques and ingredients.   Basically, the simple truth is:  It is still “just soap.”  But, it is not just any soap, it is the best, most incredible soap I have ever found!  It has changed my life.