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Flawlessly Yours Hair Care

Has having full, shiny, silky, well-conditioned and easily managed hair been a challenge for you?  Then, Flawlessly Yours Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Cleanser may just be your answer.  Like its predecessor, Flawlessly Yours Skin Care, Conditioner and Cleanser, with Flawlessly Yours natural shampoo, you may have just found your one-stop hair solution as well.Flawlessly Yours Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Cleanser provides:  volume, shine, manageability, and old-fashioned, silky, beautiful hair!

In addition, Flawlessly Yours Shampoo makes your hair stay put and look healthily conditioned.  And, ALL without the need for hair sprays, styling gels OR conditioners!  It also works on alleviating Dry Flaky Hair, Dry Flaky Scalp/Hair, Dry Hair, Dry Scalp, Dull Hair, Flaky Scalp, Fly-Away Hair, Itching Scalp, Limp Hair, and even SOME forms of Baldness/Hair Loss, Dandruff/Dander, and Thinning Hair—IF these are due to a fungus—NOT due to DNA!  At the same time, it is good for both Fine Hair and Coarse Hair, and amazingly neutralizes even Oily Hair and Oily Scalp conditions.

Like Flawlessly Yours Skin Care, Conditioner and Cleanser before it, Flawlessly Yours Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Cleanser seems to “normalize” one’s scalp and hair with regular use, regardless of their original condition.  And, just as a healthy scalp facilitates healthy hair, healthy hair promotes healthy facial skin.  This all makes for an overall glowing appearance and countenance.  With both Flawlessly Yours products, you’ll glow from head to toe.

Also, the shampoo formula now comes in two consistencies, both gentle enough to use every day:

  1. Light Formula – is the formula I use.  It is great for daily, light cleansing.  It is particularly helpful for Fine Hair and Fly-Away Hair like mine.  This Light Formula also helps with volume, control and shine.
  2. Heavy Formula – which has been particularly popular with some of my friends, is better for heavy cleansing.  It  is especially good for Coarse Hair,  Oily Hair and Oily Scalp.  This Heavy Formula also works to reduce Dry Scalp and/or Itching Scalp.

My entire experience in developing Flawlessly Yours Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Cleanser came as an outgrowth of many of my friends’ experimentations with my skin care product…on their HAIR and SCALP, of all things!  Who would’ve ever thought they would reported back to me that it helped their Dry Scalp, and/or Flaky Scalp and some forms of their Dandruff/Dander.  So, I decided to give it a try.  For months I tweaked and adapted both the formulas and the procedures.  Finally, I was forced “out of the starting blocks” last spring by some other friends urging me to share, as they put it, my “Charlie’s Angels” hair secrets with them.

With both  Flawlessly Yours Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Cleanser products, I feel that I have found something as special as my skin care.   Even if you’re in the habit of shampooing daily, I think you’ll find you will only need to shampoo 1-2 times per week.   However, if daily usage is your “standard operating procedure,” you’ll have the softest, silkiest hair ever!

Also, after using my new Flawlessly Yours Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Cleanser (Light Formula) for only a month, a hair stylist complimented me on how really healthy my hair was.  This was a double blessing, as only a few years before, I had very distressed hair.   See the unbelievable photo below; I still can’t figure out why I was smiling!


Soon after these pictures were taken, I made some major changes:

1)  I made a resolution to refrain from using such harsh bleach and chemicals on my hair.   So, when my “breakage” grew out, my hair was greatly restored.

2) I committed to use only the most expensive, professional hair care products on the market.  And, for a time, things were definitely better.

3) However, I didn’t start receiving any “over-the-top” compliments on my hair until after developing and using my Flawlessly Yours! Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Cleanser this spring.  See my recent photo this summer:


So, to all my friends, thank you very much for the idea and for giving me the nudge to share it with others.  And, for the rest of you, may YOUR hair and scalp needs be a thing of the past.  And, may you, truly look Flawlessly Yours!

Note: All Flawlessly Yours products are NEVER tested on animals–just on me.

I am still working on developing a shampoo for DARK, color-treated hair. I apologize to you color-treated brunettes and redheads, as this shampoo “may” strip your colors.  I’ll keep working on that, and you keep checking back for progress reports, okay?  In the meantime, by all means, try my skin care line—and, enjoy having that flawless skin!